How to Order

How much cake do I need?
Coffee serves are just enough to satisfy if other desserts are being served at the event.
Traditionally a coffee portion is 1 inch x 1 inch (2.5cm x 2.5cm)

Dessert serves if the cake is to be plated and served as the sole dessert. 
Traditionally a dessert portion is 1 inch x 1.5 inch (2.5cm x 5cm)

Cake size          Coffee serves          Dessert serves
6"                      22                           11
7"                      30                           15
8"                      40                           20
9"                      50                           25

Two tiered and three tiered cakes are available on request.

What is the recommended serving guide for cupcakes?
We recommend one cupcake per guest.  If you are serving a cake at your event than you may choose to have fewer cupcakes or a dessert table

Can you supply kitchen cakes for weddings and large events?
We do not supply kitchen cakes, however we do offer a discounted price for our frosted cupcakes.  These can be plated and served to your guests as dessert with fresh cream,ice-icecream or berries.

Where can I pick up my cakes from?
We are located Tanah Merah, Brisbane.
Pick is available for all orders by appointment only!
Delivery can be arranged upon request.

I need a stand for hire?
We have a number of cupcake and cake stands for hire. Please see our hire section on our blog.
We hire all our stands for 3 days and a deposit is taken. Your deposit is is refunded once the stand/s are safely returned to us.

How do I transport my cupcakes?
All our cupcakes and cakes are packaged in boxes for a safe and secure transport.

Can I put my cupcakes and cakes in the fridge? NO!
Do not place your cakes/cupcakes in the fridge or it will SPOIL!
Please keep your cakes/cupcakes in a cool, dry room. If it is really hot we recommend an Air-conditioned room.

How long will the cupcakes last?
Our cupcakes are custom baked for your event and will keep fresh for 2 days.
For best results eat them on the day!